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Library Information

Name of Book Trade Quantity Author Name Publisher Name
Engineering Drawing Workbook 28 NIMI
W/s Calculation 28 A. Kumar
Basic Electrical Theory 7 Satish Dahiya
Electrical Practical 1 Satish Dahiya
Basic Engineering Drawing 1 Satish Dahiya
Electrician Trade Theory II Year 1 NIMI
Electrician Assignment II Year 2 NIMI
Electrician Assignment I Year 1 NIMI
Electrician Trade Theory I Year 13 NIMI
Electrical Trade Practical I Year 12 NIMI
Electrical Trade Practical II Year 1 NIMI
Electrical Assignment I Year 13 NIMI
Electrician Theory 3 A.K. Mittal
Electrician Theory Assignment Test 3 A.K. Mittal
Engineering Drawing Electrical 21 C.S. Sharma
Electrical Engineering Theory 3 Satish Dahiya
Electrical Theory 2 M.L. Anwani
Basics of Electrical Sole 1 R.A. Gupta
Electrical Engineering 1 Mehta, Gupta
Basic Engineering Drawing 1 Satish Dahiya
Basic Engineering Drawing 2 M.L. Anwani
Basic Engineering Drawing 1 Mehta, Gupta
Electrical Calculation 1 Anwani
Workshop Calculation 2 S. Bhargawa
Workshop Calculation 1 Mehta, Gupta
Basic Workshop Calculation 1 Hans, Anwani
Electrical Safety 1 NIMI
Social Study 1 P.N. Bhatnagar
Social Study 1 S.S. Sharma
Social Study 2 Maya Shukla
Social Study 1 Anwani
Solved Papers Theory 1 Satish Dahiya
Solved Papers Theory 1 Neelkant Publishers
Basic Electrical Engineering 1 S. Radha Krishnan
Electronics Measurements 1 R.A. Gupta
Solved Papers Workshop Calculation 1 Sanjeev Bhargav
Solved Papers 1 Radha Krishnana JKP
Engineering Drawing 1 R.K. JKP
Electrician Hand Book 1 Arihant
Engineering Drawing Theory 1 NIMI
Engineering Workshop Calculation & Science 1 NIMI
Fitter Trade Practical 1 NIMI
Engineering Drawing Workbook 5 NIMI
Assignment I Year 8 NIMI
Engineering Drawing 18 NIMI
Fitter Solved Papers 1 Royal Publishers
Fitter Theory 2 R.N. Sharma
Basic Fitter Theory 1 S.S. Sharma
Workshop Calculation & Science 1 Sanjeev Bhargawa
Engineering Drawing 1 Sanjeev Bhargawa
Fitter Practical 1 K.B. Lal
Fitter Assignment 1 K.B. Lal
Fitter Theory Questionnaire 2
Solved Papers Drawing 3 Sanjeev Bhargawa
Engineering Drawing Solved Papers 1
Solved Paprs 2 JKP
Shop Practical 1 Mehta, Gupta
Instructor's Guide I Year 2 NIMI
Instructor's Guide II Year 1 NIMI
Fitter Trade Theory I Year 1 NIMI
Fitter Trade Theory II Year 1 NIMI
Fitter Practical Work Book 2 M. Dhawan
Fitter Assignment Work Book 1 M. Dhawan
Workshop Calculation 1 NIMI
Engineering Drawing Theory 1 NIMI
Mechanic Diesel Trade Theory 1 NIMI
Engineering Drawing 0 A]
Engineering Drawing 1 Arihant
Mechanic Diesel Theory 1 B.R. Prajapati
Diesel Engine Mechanics 1 C.P. Nakara
Workshop Calculation & Science 2 S.K. Bhatnagar
Basic Engineering Drawing 1 NIMI
Workshop Calculation & Science 1 Sanjeev Bhargav